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Total mixed ration (TMR) mixers are beneficial for improving feeding efficiency in farming applications. Almost every type of farm, from dairy farms to feedlots, utilizes this equipment for combining ingredients to create nutritious feed for cattle. At Twin Clover Equipment, you’ll find a selection of TMR mixers from top manufacturers, including   Patz, and Sgaraboldi. Based in Newark, New York and Pavilion, New York, Twin Clover Equipment serves farms throughout the Northeast, including Pennsylvania, Ohio, and the New England area.

Sgariboldi Mixers

Today, Sgarabaldi is recognized worldwide for producing a diverse lineup of self-propelled and self-loading feeders for today’s dairy industry.


Conveyors in agriculture come in various types, each designed to meet specific needs. Belt conveyors are commonly used for transporting bulk materials such as grains and feed, while screw conveyors are ideal for handling powders and granular materials like fertilizers.

One of the primary advantages of conveyors in agriculture is their ability to streamline operations and improve workflow efficiency. By automating the transportation process, conveyors reduce manual labor requirements, minimize handling errors, and ensure consistent product flow, thereby enhancing overall productivity.

TMR Mixers from Patz Vertical TMR

Patz Corporation offers a range of TMR mixers designed to streamline and improve the feeding process for dairy and livestock operations. Check out these key benefits

Vertical TMR Mixers

These mixers efficiently blend a variety of ingredients including hay, sileage, grains and supplements. Vertical design provides excellent mixing and consistency.

Horizontal TMR Mixers

Horizontal mixers are a good option for both small or big operations.  These mixers offer versatility and and thorough mixing as Patz’s horizontal design ensures a consistent mix for optimal nutrition an animal performance.

Stationary TMR Mixers

When you have fixed feeding locations these mixers are an ideal solution. They reduce waste and ensure every batch is well mixed, resulting in cost savings and improved herd health.

Trailer TMR Mixers

Mobile and convenient, trailer mixers offer flexibility in feeding across multiple locations. These mixers are ruggedly built for durability.

Self Propelled TMR Mixers

These mixers are designed for maximum efficeiency and manuverability. They can mix, transport, and feed, reducing the need for additional equipment and labor.

Truck Mount TMR Mixers

Patz’s truck mount mixers can be easily integrated into existing fleets, allowing for effieceint feeding on the go. They offer precise mixing and discharge control, ensuring consistent rations and reduced waste. 

Sgarabaldi Self-Propelled and Self-Loading Mixers

First founded in Italy in 1959, Sgarabaldi became well known for its efficient mixers. In 1987, the manufacturer launched the first line of self-propelled feeders in Europe. Today, Sgarabaldi is recognized worldwide for producing a diverse lineup of self-propelled and self-loading feeders for today’s dairy industry.

The Monofeeder is one of the most compact units in today’s marketplace. It features an advanced cutting and mixing system using a single horizontal auger and has an ultra-low and narrow tank design. The single auger works with opposing screws to drive the mix into a twin-flow mixing process, which is especially effective with the wide auger being fitted with knives.

The Gulliver lineup of self-propelled mixers allows farmers to retain the structure of the products by using a paddle mixing process. This approach mixes each product according to its structure, optimizing them for an even mix. The tank evenly fills through the loading system and separates cutting and mixing, allowing for a speedier process.

The VS.2 Vertical system utilizes one or more vertical beaters to enable easy processing of bales, regardless of their shape, weight, or size. The design of the tank permits quick mixing of the product while keeping the integrity of the various products, ensuring high-quality forage silage.  The VS.2 sysems are available in both tow behind and self propelled models.

Our Kodiak Series pull behind mixer is designed for medium and large farms. These machines are available in 12 capacity sizes with options of having either a single,double, or triple augers with continuous spiral screws, extra thick walls and bottoms, and special toothed blades. 

Our Grizzly Series self propelled mixers are available in 3 models, the 6100, 7100 and 8100.  All models are equipped with choice of single or twin vertical augers. The 6100 and 7100 models come equipped  with Volvo V Series engines while the 8100 comes with a John Deere 6 cylinder.  Fan drive makes cooling more efficient and quiet

With the new Titanium Series self propelled mixers, Scaraboldi has introduced a whole new generaration of mixers.   Designed for all farmers who need to manage mixes with high specific weight, these mixers are built from special steels.  To optimize loading times this mixer also features the largest cutter available in the market today.  There is also a choice between 3 John Deere Stage V engines to choose from.  

A Large Inventory of Farming Equipment from Leading Brands

Twin Clover Equipment was started by a family who had experience using the same tools and parts that farmers use today, so we recognize how valuable this equipment is to the success of your business. As such, we work with only the most reputable brands in the industry. In addition to TMR mixers and related pieces from the above manufacturers, customers will also discover other farming equipment from the following brands:

  • GEA
  • JBS
  • JT Boats
  • Martin’s Feeders & Equipment
  • Salford Group
  • SaMASZ
  • StockMan’s Choice
  • Weberlane
  • ZML/Zimmerman Manufacturing

Find New and Used TMR Mixers for Sale at Twin Clover Equipment

Whether searching for large or small TMR mixers or an option with distinct features, turn to Twin Clover Equipment for our vast selection. We sell new equipment, as well as quality used equipment. For those interested in selling used items, we accept all trade-ins, but age and other factors may dictate value. While we’re located in Newark, NY, and Pavilion, NY,  we serve farmers throughout the Northeast, from New York and PA to  OH to the New England area. Contact us at 315-545-2027 today to learn more about TMR mixers for sale.