Tillage Equipment in Newark, NY and Pavilion NY

Tillage is one of the most important aspects of agriculture, as it helps farmers prepare and manipulate soil for more effective cultivation. Most farmers utilize tools to accomplish this task, making finding reliable tillage equipment crucial. At Twin Clover Equipment in Newark, New York, we deliver new and used tillage equipment from some of the most well-known and reputable brands, such as the  Salford Group. Farmers across the Northeast, from New York to Pennsylvania to Ohio and the New England area, trust Twin Clover Equipment to meet their equipment needs.

Salford Tillage

Browse our full lineup of tillage equipment for fitting your fields.

Salford Applicators

View our diverse selection of application equipment.

Samasz Mowers

Browse our wide offerings of rakes, mowers, and tedders.

Samasz Municipal

View our Heavy Duty commercial equipment.

Tillage Equipment from Salford Group

Salford Group has been innovating its selection of tillage equipment for many years, expanding its offerings to include manufacturing seeding and application tools. Customers will find a vast inventory of tillage equipment designed to help them achieve daily goals, whether it’s boosting soil productivity or increasing performance in rougher terrains. Many of these products also have features that promote efficiency, such as faster operation and less maintenance.

Choose from the following tillage equipment from Salford Group:

  • AerWay AG equipment
  • AerWay harrows and attachments
  • AerWay hay and pasture technologies
  • Conventional tillage equipment
  • Cultivators
  • Independent series vertical tillage equipment
  • Moldboard plows
  • Tillage equipment for orchards and vineyards
  • Vertical tillage equipment

Application Equipment from Salford Group

In addition to its many tillage offerings, Salford Group also supplies a range of application equipment. These tools help farmers in the application of fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, and similar products across their fields, often alongside tillage. Application equipment from the Salford Group we carry includes:

  • Valmar chassis-mounted air booms
  • Valmar pull-type air booms
  • Air drills and carts
  • 56 Series granular applicators
  • Small granular applicators
  • ST-Series granular applicators
  • Litter and lime spreaders
  • Mechanical drive spreaders
  • Specialty spreaders
  • Spinner spreaders with hydraulic drive

Hay Equipment from SaMASZ

Twin Clover Equipment also partners with SaMASZ, another highly reputable brand delivering a host of solutions for todays hay farmers, specifically hay-handling equipment and municipal machines. View the inventory we offer from this top manufacturer:

Hay-Handling Equipment

Hay-handling equipment from SaMASZ represents a long history of ingenuity from Polish engineers. The manufacturer continuously modernizes this equipment to allow farmers to achieve the maximum amount of nutritious feed per mown acreage. Using this cost-effective hay-handling equipment, farmers can obtain and convert windrow into nutrient-rich cattle feed, streamlining labor and making feed last longer. Choose from the following types of hay-handling equipment:

  • Disc mowers
  • Drum mowers
  • Rakes
  • Tedders

Hay Mergers:

DM Martin is a premium manufacturer of hay mergers.  Designed with the farmers in mind, these mergers offer 6 crop delivery options to increase productivity and turn your hay into high quality windrows.  Design features include a short wheelbase that eliminates the need for a steering axle, constant angle pto, simplistic in cab controls, and a camless pickup which all combine for a durable easy to maintain machine.  

H3: Municipal Machines

SaMASZ also manufactures municipal machines that can assist farmers with many tasks. Flail mowers are available in various configurations, as well as extension arms and extension arm attachments. You’ll also discover additional equipment compatible with numerous municipal machines. What’s more, these items have multiple features to accommodate the needs of different farmers and municipalities.

Superior Farming Equipment from Brands You Can Trust

From vertical and strip tillage equipment to other farming machinery and parts, you can rely on Twin Clover Equipment to carry only the best products from highly regarded brands. Besides Salford Group and SaMASZ, other manufacturers we partner with include:

  • Sgariboldi
  • Cloverdale Vertical TMR
  • GEA
  • JBS
  • JT Boats
  • Martin’s Feeders & Equipment
  • Priefert
  • StockMan’s Choice
  • Weberlane
  • ZML/Zimmerman Manufacturing

Tillage Equipment for Sale at Twin Clover Equipment

At Twin Clover Equipment, we don’t just sell farming equipment — our roots go back to a family of farmers that are still using these same tools on their fields. Therefore, we know how critical having the right equipment is for your productivity and performance. When you choose Salford Group and SaMASz products from Twin Clover Equipment, you can trust you have the right tools for successful tillage.

In addition to selling new products, we also offer used equipment. For those interested in trading in used equipment, we accept any items but will account for age and other factors when determining value. Located in Newark, NY, and Pavilion NY.  Twin Clover Equipment proudly serves farmers throughout the Northeast, including NY, PA, OH, and across New England. Contact us today at 315-545-2027 to learn more about our tillage equipment.