Greater distances between farms, increasing yields, changing weather conditions, and time restraints – harvest time presents a unique challenge to all farmers, no matter what the season.

Whether it’s haylage, sugar beets, corn silage, or grain, there’s a lot to take off the field and very little time to do it. Penta comes from a long history of farming, and we understand that transporting your crop is something that needs to be done quickly and reliably. That’s why we designed Penta dump trailers to help you improve the efficiency of your operation.

Our dump trailers were designed with the farmer in mind. Start with the visibility inside the trailer from the cab of your tractor, move to the unique loading and unloading features, and finish with an overbuilt frame and robust axles for increased strength and flotation.

Combining simplicity with strength, Penta dump boxes are the premium choice for the modern farmer. With on-the-farm testing and farmer input, Penta is providing a superior option for quickly transporting and delivering your crops in perfect condition.

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