Good manure management is critical to any dairy farm. At Twin Clover Equipment we understand all of the various segments of management. Having the proper equipment for the transport and distribution in your fields are most important of all.  Having the proper equipment  ensures consistent distribution of essential nutrients which is critical to promoting a healthy crop and higher yields. 

Having the right spreader for your farm can be a valuable time saver in saving you time and also money in labor costs.  These machines can cover large areas quickly, allowing for timely even distribution, translating into cost savings and increased productivity. 

As both an equipment dealer and a farming family, we have used many types of spreaders over the many generations on our family farms and can appreciate that downtime in this segment of the farm  can be crucial. This is why Twin Clover Equipment has chosen to partner with the GEA and JBS lines of manure spreaders.

Whether you choose from GEA’s technologically advanced options or opt for the rugged reliability of JBS spreaders, our dealership is dedicated to providing you with the best solutions to optimize your farm’s manure management and improve overall efficiency. Feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable team for expert advice and assistance in selecting the ideal manure spreader for your farming needs. For the right answers to your questions on this area of your farming needs, call our pros at Twin Clover or stop in and see our full lineup of spreaders.  We are conveniently located in both Newark NY and our newest location in Pavilion NY.   Top of Form