Manure separators, also known as slurry or liquid/solid separators, are equipment designed to separate the solid and liquid components of animal manure.  They are commonly used in livestock operations to manage and process manure efficiently. By separating the solids from the liquid, manure separators offer key benefits to today’s dairy farmers.

Separating manure allows for better control and management of nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus which are present in the liquid segment.  This makes for easier application to crops as a fertilizer and helps reduce the risk of over application.  Separating the solid and liquid portions of manure also makes for easier transport. The liquid portion can be pumped and can be distributed by dragline systems and spreaders while the solid fraction can be used for bedding or composting. 

Twin Clover Equipment has partnered with GEA and AL-INS for our separating equipment for a number of reasons.

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ALS-INS Separators

AL-INS is a manufacturer specializing in manure separators. The company focuses on providing cost-effective solutions for all sizes of livestock operations. AL-INS manure separators are designed to be compact, easy to operate, and efficient. They typically utilize auger or screen filtration systems to separate the solids from the liquid fraction. AL-INS separators are known for their affordability, durability, and user-friendly design. They aim to offer reliable manure separation technology that meets the needs of each individual farm operation needs.