Manure agitation on dairy farms has several benefits. By using reliable agitators like those from GEA and JT Boats, farmers can experience the following advantages and benefits.

Agitating manure ensures that nutrients are evenly mixed, making them more readily available for crops when used as fertilizer, and helps to break down solids and incorporates oxygen, reducing odors and pathogens, resulting in higher quality manure for fertilization.

Agitators also act to disrupt the formation of a surface crust on manure storage, making it easier to pump and preventing blockages, along with releasing trapped gases. This leads to less odors and reduced emissions of greenhouse gases, for a more pleasant environment.

Another benefit on regular agitation is in preventing solids from accumulating, which reduces strain on equipment and ensures efficient manure handling.

To assist our customers in this critical area of dairy farming, Twin Clover Equipment has partnered with two leaders in agitation equipment, GEA and JT Boats. 

Both GEA and JT Boats prioritize customer satisfaction and offer reliable solutions that can significantly enhance manure agitation and management processes on dairy farms. Their products are widely recognized for their performance, durability, and ability to meet the unique challenges faced by farmers in the agricultural industry.