Manure Management Equipment in Newark, NY and Pavilion, NY

Manure management refers to gathering, storing, treating, and ultimately using manure for farming. It’s important for your farm’s productivity and can impact aspects of the surrounding environment, such as water quality.

Given the implications of manure management for cattle and other livestock, farmers want to ensure they carry out this task with precision. With superior manure management equipment from Twin Clover Equipment, this is possible. Serving farmers throughout the Northeast, including New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and the New England area, we supply manure management equipment from leading brands like GEA, JTBoats, JBS and ZML.


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Manure Agitators

Manure agitation matters because it helps ensure settled solids are removed from pits and lagoons, ensuring effective use of storage. It also helps decrease nutrient variability.

Twin Clover Equipment offers manure agitators from GEA’s ProManure line, constructed for performance, efficiency, and sustainability. They rely on tested concepts for manure handling, enabling you to get the most out of nutrients without making as big an imprint on the environment. What’s more, they work to boost your farm’s bottom line.

You’ll also find a selection of manure agitators from JT Boats. Designed for manure lagoons, this premium equipment comes fully remote-controlled with exceptional output ability and the most up-to-date technology. These manure agitators are also eco-friendly, with a design that mitigates fuel consumption.

Barn Management of Barn Cleaning Systems

GEA recognizes the many benefits of keeping a sanitary environment for cattle and offers manure cleaners to help you do the job. Their long-lasting free stall barn manure cleaners allow farmers to achieve dairy manure management according to their needs. They offer a wide variety of cleaning systems including tie stall, cross gutter, and free stall. Use these cleaners to help with cattle traction and hoof health, enhance air quality, and lower ammonia emissions.

Alley Scrapers

GEA also offers manure cleaners  for maintaining a clean barn for your herd. These systems clear out manure using a chain-driven gutter scraping method. The closed-loop system moves the manure to an elevator, where it’s transported to storage outside the barn, typically into a manure pit or on a concrete slab.

Cross Gutter Systems come in either a cable or chain drive application. Cable systems include a drive unit with one or two electric motors, gutter wheels, scraper options, and cables. You can adapt them for up to 36 in. width and 540 ft. length. You may choose from a cross gutter with a chain link or a cross gutter with a cable.

Chain-driven systems can be configured for up to 335 ft. in length. They’re ideal for dairy applications that use straw bedding or free stall setups, where bedding can be mixed into the manure. (chain driven link:

Free stall systems from GEA are available in cable, chain, and hydraulic applications, allowing farmers to design the right systems for their barn layouts. For scrapers, the 16, V-Shape, and Straight options are all available for these systems.   

The cable system allows for cleaning two, three, or four alleys simultaneously. One scraper cleans the alley while another is backing it up for added hygiene. With an electric motor and chain resistance, the free stall chain system makes for a durable and thorough cleaning option.

The hydraulic system is well suited for small barns as it can clean one or more alleys while using a single power unit. It can clean alleys up to 200 ft. in length. There are also several c-rails available for adapting to any barn configuration, and power units come in either 3HP or 5HP models.

Flush Valves

For those looking for a additional solution for maximum cleaning, GEA offers a selection of flush valves to complete your scheduled cleaning. This is a great solution after your scrapers have done their job, allowing for a final rinse of your alleys and holding areas. These automated systems are easy to install and maintain and can be a great time saver as well.  

Manure-Loading Pipes

Loading pipes help farmers efficiently move manure from storage areas to tractors or spreaders. GEA delivers several manure-loading pipes designed for reliability and high performance. Loading pipes are available in different configurations, such as on tripods and wheels, to meet the various specifications of farmers.

Manure Pumps

Farmers use manure pumps to combine manure in concrete pits and lagoons and move it out of these areas for application. Power take-off manure pumps from GEA agitate and transfer manure quickly and safely. GEA offers numerous options, allowing you to find a pump that suits the volume, consistency, and storage of whichever manure materials you use. Farmers can choose from the following types of manure pumps:

Manure Separators

Manure separators play an important role in maintaining lagoon quality. They are frequently used to decrease the volume of solids that enter lagoons and storage ponds, potentially increasing their longevity.

GEA supplies separators and decanter centrifuge systems to help farms properly utilize solid and liquid manure components. This equipment can facilitate more value within nutrient and animal manure management processes. 

Manure Spreaders

With the ability to be coupled to either tractors or semis,  manure spreaders permit farmers to distribute manure evenly across fields to preserve soil quality and reap a better harvest. Twin Clover Equipment delivers a host of manure spreaders from brands like JBS and GEA, allowing farmers the ability to simplify the manure-spreading process.


Manure spreaders from GEA are highly durable and capable of helping farmers tackle the most challenging jobs. The manufacturer offers several types of spreaders, including semi-tanker and liquid manure spreaders, as well as toolbars to aid with the task.

With many options to choose from GEA has the right spreader for your needs. Our EL44 and EL48 spreaders are both steerable and loaded with features including ¼” reservoir walls, interior installed baffles, and air brake systems.  These spreaders offer superior maneuverabiltiy and agility over all types of terrain.

Our tandem axle spreaders are available in various sizes and features a closed tube3 design for more resistance to twisting than other standard spreaders. The adjustable mounting system allows for movement of the wheels to adjust increase or decrease the load on the draw bar. ¼” reservoir walls, interior baffles are also standard features on our tandem axle spreaders.

GEA truck mount spreaders are custom made for a wide variety of vehicles. These low profile tanks are designed for maximum driver visibility and stability on the road or in the field.  Some of the standard features found on our trunk mount spreaders include steel fenders, mud guards, 4 telescopic jacks for easy storage, 40gpm hydraulic motor and more.

For maximum moving of manure from the farm to the fields, you can’t beat the GEA STR Series Semi Tankers. These tankers have the capability to move more manure in a shorter time saving you both time and money.  These tankers are perfect for spreading slurry on hard soils after harvest. These tankers have been designed to meet NHTSA compliance, and US DOT guidliines assuring maximum safety on the highway. 


You can also choose manure spreaders from JBS. This manufacturer offers vertical spreaders that maximize the value of manure and deliver lasting results. Several models are available, such as the Low Rider series, which are available in tandem, tri, and quad axle configurations. They’re intended for large commercial farms and custom operations. With low centers of gravity and large tires, they deliver great stability over any field.

The E Series spreaders are the top-selling choice from JBS. Innovative and durable, these spreaders have an updated long-link chain floor, attachable vertical beaters, and steel idle sprockets. They come in various sizes to suit different farms.

The Float-Maxx spreader is perfect for farmers concerned about ground pressure. It features 33 ft. of track for smooth moving in soft fields and a 110,000 lb. load capacity (1500 cu. ft.) for covering a lot of ground quickly. What’s more, it boasts a light footprint of 11 lb. per sq. in. of ground.

JBS has a selection of wide and narrow body spreaders as well. Each is crafted to work in specific situations, and if you move your manure using public highway systems, consider our truck-mounted spreaders. You can safely traverse the roads with this equipment and convert it for silage if necessary. Our truck mounted spreaders are available in both narrow and wide body mounts.  These spreaders also come standard with a Vertimax attachment and twin balanced vertical beaters. 

Zimmerman Manufacturing

You’ll also find several manure injectors from Zimmerman Manufacturing, LLC. Designed for low and high-gallon users, the durable ZML Red Viper injection system can cover over 20,000 GPA with little soil disturbance to deliver maximum nutrient intake. It comes with the following features:

  • Individual flexing closer disc
  • Individual row swivel
  • Adjustable down pressure on closure wheels
  • 10 in. of hydro flex travel
  • Heavy duty greaseless bearing
  • Spacing options of 24” and 30”.

Discover Farming Equipment from Trusted Brands

At Twin Clover Equipment, we pride ourselves on providing farming equipment from only the most reputable names in the industry. In addition to the brands we partner with for cattle manure management, we also work with the following manufacturers for other farming equipment:

  • Sgariboldi
  • Cloverdale Vertical TMR
  • Martin’s Feeders & Equipment
  • Salford Group
  • SaMASZ
  • StockMan’s Choice
  • Weberlane
  • Patz

Manure Management Equipment in Newark, NY and Pavilion, NY

Founded in 2012, Twin Clover Equipment has developed a reputation among farmers for supplying top-quality farming equipment. Our roots go back to a family of farmers who still today run our own herds and use the same equipment, so we recognize how much our customers throughout the Northeastern United States need reliable machinery for conducting daily tasks. Contact us today at 315-545-2027 to view our new and used manure management inventory.