Cattle Handling and Feeders in Newark, NY and Pavilion, NY

At Twin Clover Equipment, you can find the many components you need to accommodate livestock at your farm. We are proud to work with some of the most reputable brands in the industry, supplying customers across Newark, New York, and the surrounding areas with superior farming equipment. View our large inventory of handling materials and feeders from manufacturers like StockMan’s Choice  Martins and Priefert.

Stockmans Choice Cattle

Browse our full lineup of headgates, chutes and full handling systems.

Priefert Cattle

Offering a full lineup of chutes, headgates, panels and gates for your herd.

Marweld Sheep

Offering a full line up of handling equipment, pens, gates and feeders.


An excellent resource for calf housing and penning for your herd.


Browse our broad selection of all purpose, bunk and tombstone feeders.

Goat and Cattle Handling Equipment

Cattle handling is a critical aspect of farming. Farmers need reliable equipment that enables them to conduct husbandry tasks like weighing, moving livestock from different pastures, attaching ear tags, and administering vaccinations. This equipment should ensure the safety of cattle and make taking care of animals easier for the farmer.

You can find items up to the task at Twin Clover Equipment. Cattle and goat handling equipment we supply include:

Cattle Chutes and Handling Systems

We carry numerous cattle chutes and handling systems from the premier manufacturer StockMan’s Choice. Each selection features a different design to accommodate the needs of every farmer. This equipment is made durably to withstand inclement weather and wear and tear from the many tasks you complete each day. Herd, weigh, and transport cattle with these chutes and handling systems. What’s more, all cattlemaster chutes from StockMan’s Choice can be customized with a scale or undercarriage.

We also carry chutes and handling systems from Priefert. Made by ranchers, this equipment is designed with the needs of farmers in mind and includes loading chutes, sweep systems, panel and bow gates, and more. You’ll also find a variety of chutes from the leading manufacturer, Marweld, specializes in goat and sheep management with different configurations and features to accommodate different needs with a full lineup of feeders, gates, chutes, and milking solutions.

Chute Components

As your farm grows, you may need additional parts to supplement your existing chute setup. If you don’t need entirely new chutes or handling systems, you can find chute components at Twin Clover Equipment, as well. From sorting gates to rolling doors and adjustable alleys, StockMan’s Choice, Priefert, and Marweld have it, and we carry it.


Headgates can help farmers accomplish many tasks with cattle and sheep, such as milking, branding, and giving medical treatments. They are an essential feature for securing cattle and keeping them and all personnel safe.

Twin Clover Equipment offers several headgates from StockMan’s Choice, each with distinct functions to adjust for cattle of various sizes and for completing different jobs. Priefert and Marweld also offer gates, and their inventories include options made of different materials and unique constructions to help you handle many types of livestock.


If you need pens to hold livestock, you’ll discover several selections from Priefert and Marweld. Priefert delivers multiple round pens for sheep, hogs, and goats. Marweld has the parts you need to construct animal penning tailored to your needs, including posts, creep panels, and tombstone feed fronts for different livestock.

Cattle Feeders

Stock feeders provide farmers with many benefits. For one, they enable you to attend to other responsibilities and give cattle the health benefits of eating on a more consistent schedule. Many cattle feeders are also designed to minimize waste during the feeding process.

As with our handling supplies, we partner with StockMan’s Choice to deliver customers exceptional cattle feeding equipment. Stock feeders come in multiple sizes to fit different numbers of cattle and hold different types of feed. All feature a 100w tubing and powder coat construction for long-lasting use. 

If you can’t find a feeder that suits your needs from StockMan’s Choice, we also provide feeders from Priefert and Marweld. From bunk feeders to collapsible feeders to basket feeders, these leading manufacturers have the equipment you need to care for your animals.

We also provide varieties from Martin’s Feeders & Equipment. Based in Ontario, Canada, this brand emphasizes quality and convenience for farmers. Their vast inventory includes many types of feeders, including beef feeders, hay feeders, horse feeders, and feed troughs.

Farming Equipment from Top Brands

Customer service is a top priority for Twin Clover Equipment, and we believe a big part of this service is supplying products only from brands we trust. As such, our list of partners represents careful consideration of farmers’ best interests in the regions we serve. Besides StockMan’s Choice and Martin’s Feeders & Equipment, other manufacturers we partner with for all types of farming equipment include:

  • SGariboldi
  • Cloverdale Vertical TMR
  • GEA Houle
  • JBS
  • JT Boats
  • Salford Group
  • SaMASZ
  • Weberlane
  • ZML/Zimmerman Manufacturing

Choose Twin Clover Equipment for Feeding and Handling Equipment

At Twin Clover Equipment, we understand how vital reliable farming equipment is for your business. Our roots stem from a long history of using the same kinds of equipment on our own farms, so the customers’ needs are at the forefront of all we do. Located in Newark, NY and our new location in Pavilion, NY, we serve farmers across the region. Contact us today at 315-545-2027 to learn more about our inventory of cattle handling equipment and stock feeders.